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All Around the World with North Shore

December 6, 2012

For years, the garage door opener was synonymous with the North American suburb: rows upon rows of houses with two-car garages, all with doors that open with just a touch of a button. It was a status symbol, a way to show you had piece of the American Dream. Just like fast food, rock and roll, and blue jeans, once something becomes part of our culture, it is only a matter of time before it makes its way around the world.

Over the past 35 years, North Shore has seen an explosion in our sales to overseas clients.  We first began seeing a larger volume of sales to Europe and Australia; now both markets constitute a major part of our business. Recently there has been increased demand for a wide range of our residential, commercial, and industrial garage door replacement parts in other parts of the world, such as countries throughout the Middle East. Quintessentially American companies like Genie, Sears Craftsman, Stanley, and Powermaster, are now prized around the world for their level of quality and consistency. You know what you are getting with your money – whether it comes in euros or dirhams – and you can trust that the product will work every time.

At North Shore Door, we combine our Midwestern values and work ethic with the high quality and cost–effective products that people around the globe want and need.  You can always learn more about our foreign distribution capabilities by emailing ( us or calling us today!

Congrats to Genie!

October 29, 2012

Everyone at North Shore Door wants to congratulate our friends at Genie® for having their Commercial Openers voted “#1 Hottest New product at Expo 2012.” After years of focusing on the home market, Genie recently expanded its famed brand to the commercial and industrial markets. The new line includes a wide variety of products aimed at every level of usage, including heavy, standard, medium, and light-duty models. These aren’t your ordinary commercial openers: as always Genie® is far ahead of the technology bell curve. Some of the outstanding features you can look forward to include:

  • MultiVolt™ Setting: With this setting, you can select voltages on the job site
  • LCD Display: Every unit comes with a 16-character display that guides the installer through the set-up of the operator and can be used for diagnostics when necessary.
  • EZLimit™ System:  This allows you to move the door to where you want it and hit the button to set that limit.
  • TensiBelt™ Drive: Auto tensioning belt system that sets the proper belt tension and needs no re-tensioning over the life of the opener.
  • Advanced Radio: Set up is done via the LCD display and the system can learn up to 50 Intellicode® I transmitters.

With their attention to detail, unparalleled customer service, and feature-laden equipment, there is no doubt in our minds that Genie® will succeed and dominate in the commercial market. If you want to learn more about Genie’s Commercial Line, visit their website or you can give us a call and our experts can give you all the details.

New Website, Same Great Products

October 15, 2012

North Shore Door is proud to announce the new redesign of our website! Now it will be easier than ever to learn about – and navigate between – all our leading-brand products and services.  We wanted a website that reflected especially our commitment to being the #1 residential, commercial, and industrial garage door specialists around: by the looks of it, we’ve accomplished exactly what we set out to do.

We are especially proud of our new website’s user-friendliness. With its easy-to-navigate banners and sub-navigation, it is now that much more of a cinch to shop for products from big names like Chamberlain, Genie, Sears Craftsman, Stanley, Liftmaster, and many more! Not only that, but the site highlights our full line of garage door parts including circuit boards, radio controls and repair parts.

We’ve also added some informative and interactive features, including offering our customers detailed Q & A sessions on many specific product lines. This allows us to educate the public on a number of topics that we believe to be critical to our industry. People know exactly what product they’re buying, and how best to apply it to their own situation.

In addition, the site allows easy access to all of our social media accounts, so you can stay up to date on our newest products, projects, and all the latest garage door industry news.
When you get a chance, drop by and check out everything North Shore’s redesigned website has to offer. We’d enjoy hearing from you as always; let us know if you like what you see!

North Shore and the Gateway Arch

October 2, 2012

Over the past 35 years, we have sold many different types of access control products to many different clients. Each one of our customers is important to North Shore, and we care about them equally. However, sometimes we make a sale that sticks with us because we find it, well, remarkable.

Recently we filled an order to provide for one of America’s most prominent landmarks: The Gateway Arch or as most people simply refer to it, the St. Louis Arch.  This famed piece of structural expressionism stands at 630 feet tall and is the tallest man-made monument in the United States.  If you have ever been to St. Louis, or even driven past the Gateway to the West, you have seen this amazing monument to America.  Opened to the public in 1967, the Gateway Arch commemorates Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase and St. Louis’ consequent role in the westward expansion and development of the United States.

It is a great honor for everyone at North Shore to be able to help keep such an important piece of Americana running smoothly and safely.   If you want the same high-quality keycards that are keeping the Gateway Arch safe, or any of our other access control products, feel free to give us a call today.

Win-Win with North Shore Door

September 5, 2012

There is no question that we offer a ton of different products from all of the biggest names in the garage door industry. While a wide selection is always a good thing, it can also be a little confusing to the uninitiated. We thought it might be helpful if we did a few blogs to help you figure out which product line is a match for your needs. Today, we start with two of our biggest names: Liftmaster and Genie.


For over 40 years, Chamberlain’s LiftMaster has revolutionized the garage door opener industry.  LiftMasterNot only are they the world’s largest manufacture of garage door openers, but everything they make is top-of-the-line; you might say that they’re the “Cadillac” of the industry.  LiftMaster has been at the forefront of the biggest innovations in the commercial and residential garage door world. Their Protector System®, which through an invisible beam automatically reverses the door before contact is made, is included in every single one of their residential garage door openers.  Their patented MyQ® technology allows people to control not only their garage doors but also home lights from a smartphone or computer. These are just two of the ways LiftMaster is constantly improving our industry.


Without a doubt, Genie is one of America’s best-known and trusted consumer brand names. They’ve been in the business since 1923, and revolutionized the industry when they introduced the first direct drive screw opener in 1958. GenieGenie’s products are dependable to a fault and of the highest quality, but what really separates them is their ability to offer nationwide service and support.  We are proud to carry their tremendous line of products, including remote transmitters, receivers, keypads, and wall consoles.

To be honest, you really can’t go wrong with either of these famous brands. The only real way to tell which one is right for you is to browse our selection and let one of our garage door experts find the perfect replacement part for you.

More blogs about the products we carry soon!

Cleaning Out Your Garage

August 27, 2012

At North Shore Door, we can help you put together the most innovative and sophisticated garage door systems available.  You name the top manufacturer, whether that’s Genie, GTO, Chamberlain, Decko, Powermaster, or Craftsman, and we will supply you with the parts that will make your garage door a modern work of art. That said and done, there is one thing we can’t do for you: make the inside of your garage something you actually want the outside world to see.

When your garage door opens, do you shut it as quickly as possible to avoid your neighbors from being shocked by the mess? Well, we can’t sell you anything to help with that, but we can give you some tips on how to clean up it up.

  • Take It All Out

Yep, it’s that simple. You have to take out the boxes of magazines, old toys, broken exercise equipment, and years of junk. You don’t have to throw it all out. Check your local area for charities, like the Salvation Army that will come by and pick-up anything that can be of use to those less fortunate.  You can also have a good old fashion garage sale. Just make sure to clear it with everyone in the house so you don’t sell something you shouldn’t!

  • Get out the Mop and Bucket

After all the “stuff” has been removed, it is high-time to get down to the real cleaning. Don’t skimp on this step.  A thorough scrubbing and hose-down is in due order. You also want to make sure to use a vacuum cleaner to really get into every nook and cranny. Oh, and make sure to get all the water out after cleaning, allowing the garage to air out and dry. Since criminals love nothing more than to sneak into open garages, please make sure you are home while the door and windows are wide open!

  • Check the Equipment

Once the garage is clean, now is the perfect time to install any new equipment necessary. This is the time you should give us a call. North Shore Door can easily help upgrade or replace your garage technology. You also might want to install some storage units so that when you do return whatever you didn’t get rid of, it can be stored in a more efficient way.
If you can follow these simple steps, you too can have a garage that you will be proud of opening. And we’re here to be part of that. If you need any replacement remote transmitters, operators, keypads or parts, just contact North Shore Door today.

Loops and Gates

August 21, 2012

When you drive up to a security gate and are asked to insert a card, pay a fee, punch in a code, or show your ID, you are initiating a complex process that may appear simple to the untrained eye. I do one thing, and the gate goes up. Once I drive through it goes back down for the next person. No muss, no fuss. Of course it is never that simple. As with most modern equipment, there are elaborate steps involved in the process that you never get a glimpse of.

The thing that is really raising that gate is a system of inductive loops that sense when your car has arrived at the gate. The loop, which is made from one piece of wire with no splices,Vehicle Detection Loop usually comes in a rectangle and is placed just below the pavement. In fact, if you look closely at most automatic gates, you can often see the outline of the loop since they were oftentimes added after the pavement was originally laid down. The loop’s wires run into the gate unit. The loop is tuned to a certain resonating frequency able to detect when a vehicle enters the loop. It’s this change in frequency that triggers the gate. For us at North Shore, loops are so important because without them the automated gates we deal with simply wouldn’t work.

The next time you pull up to an unmanned parking garage, just remember that without a loop, you’d be stuck parking on the street.


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